South German and Suisse Blood Bowl Championship

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South German and Suisse Blood Bowl Championship Empty
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Süddeutsche und Schweizer
Blood Bowl
Meisterschaft 2016

(South German and Swiss Blood Bowl Championship Tournament Series)

Participation Tourneys - (TO) - Date

White Star Cup - (Prince) - 23./24.Jan.
Royal RumBBL - (Lichemaster) - 5./6.Mrz.
Charity Bowl - (Willi) - 23./24.Apr.
Big Boys Battle - (Tojurub) - 5.Mai
B7 - (rizzen/ragme) - 11./12.Jul.
Heiner Bowl -(Narok) - Aug.
Cheese Bowl (Jokaero/Strider84) - Sept.
KurpfalzCup (Planlos) - 1./2.Okt.
Ghostbowl - (Nishiko/Pumpkinbrother) - 8./9.Okt.
Baden Basho - (Banelord/Girathon) - Nov.

TSO: Tojurub

A) The best three tourneys of each coach will be counted towards the series ranking. In the ranking at least two different races have to be included. There will be an additional ranking for stunty teams. Unless specified differently in the single tourney rules, stunty teams are:
- Halflings
- Goblins
- Lizardmen without Sauri
- Underworld without Blitzers and Throwers
- Ogers with max. 4 Ogers

B) Each coach has to play at least 3 tourneys to be eligable for the final ranking. There is no extra sign-up necessary, each coach will automatically participate when playing at a tourney of the series. Every coach worldwide is eligible to participate in this series.

C) The points, which can be collected at each tourney, are based mainly on the ranking of each tourney. The first place will collect 10 points, the second place will get 9, and so on until the tenth placed coach, who will get 1 point.

D) Additional points can be collected when you have left many coaches behind you in the ranking. To represent this, for each 10 coaches behind you in the ranking, you will get 1 extra point. At tourneys, which have more than 50 participating coaches, the step size will be increased to 20 coaches.

E) For each day played at a tourney (at least 3 games), you get 1 extra point

F) These coaches will be rewarded with a special prize: 1.-3. Place
Every coach will receive a price when they play their 3rd tourney of the series. After the series is completed the overall Champion and the Best Stunty Coach will be crowned South German and Swiss Blood Bowl Champion 2016

G) In case two or more coaches have the same number of points, tie-breaker will be used. These tiebreakers will be announced prior to the first tournament.

The current rankings will be posted on the webpage (under "Prizes & Standings")
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South German and Suisse Blood Bowl Championship
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